Growing Old in a New Age

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How do I license the telecourse?

Information on licensing Growing Old in a New Age as a college-level telecourse for distance learners is found at Annenberg Media. Programs may be obtained by broadcast, cablecast, or ALS satellite feed and licensed for telecourse or cable use. You can also reach Annenberg Media at 1 800 LEARNER.

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Where can I find out about the suggested text for the course?

Print materials, including the suggested telecourse text, Social Gerontology: A Multidisciplinary Perspective, by Nancy R. Hooyman and H. Asuman Kiyak, and the Faculty and Study Guides by Kathryn L. Braun, are published by Allyn and Bacon. The text and guides may be purchased through the Allyn and Bacon website.

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Can I order the videos separately?

The thirteen one-hour video programs may be ordered as a curriculum package including a Faculty Guide, as a series, or singly from Annenberg Media. You may obtain additional information by calling 1 800 LEARNER.

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Is the series distributed internationally?

Inquire about international applications at Annenberg Media, or call 1 800-LEARNER.

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Where can I learn more about effective techniques for teaching distance learning ?

Suggestions for effective teaching are provided in our abstracts of related research. The telecourse Faculty Guide by Kathryn L. Braun contains many helpful suggestions, including assignments for in-class and distance learning applications. Past research has shown that distance learning is as effective as in-class learning given that the distance learning class is very well organized and provides effective modes of communication between the instructor and the students.

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What is unique about Growing Old in a New Age?

The telecourse draws on the expertise of more than 60 of the nation's leading scholars, practitioners, and public policy makers in the aging field, as well as the personal experiences of more than 75 individuals of retirement age and beyond. The elders' stories reveal a developmental picture of their triumphs, relationships, losses, illnesses, and personal views on aging. The program lessons profile a diversity of individuals including Asian, Hispanic, and African-American elders nationwide and examine how they experience the aging process. The experts and elders provide a unique understanding of normal aging for viewers and students.

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Can the series be used in different settings ?

Yes, the series provides:

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